Personal Agility Summit

& Personal Agility Book Launch

An event dedicated to helping you live your happiest and most fulfilling life

while achieving exponential results.

February 2, 2023


8:30am - 12:30pm Eastern

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Why Attend?

Hear from leaders around the world and get your copy of the Personal Agility Book at this official Book Launch event!

Join the Personal Agility Institute founders, Maria Matarelli and Peter Stevens to explore the impact of alignment, purpose, and agility in businesses of all sizes.

Executive practitioners of the Personal Agility System will share their experience achieving profitability goals, company turn-arounds, work-life balance, with outstanding results for themselves and their organizations.

Learn how applying Personal Agility as a leadership framework can provide the foundation for the people in your organization to reach a state of higher performance.

Maria Matarelli

& Peter Stevens

Learn from top industry experts.

And get your exclusive copy of the Personal Agility book!

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Joe Justice

Join us for opening words by Joe Justice at 8:30am EST. Joe Justice is the Chair of the Board of the Agile Business Institute. Joe is author of Scrum Master, published in 7 languages. Joe has worked with Bill Gates, the leadership team at Amazon, and operated the Agile program at Tesla for Elon Musk. Joe founded WIKISPEED which became an example of automotive design and production speed in a fun, egalitarian culture. Joe enjoys collaborating as a board member, writing, teaching, and running companies to make a good future arrive faster.

Alistair Cockburn

Join special guest speaker Alistair Cockburn, co-author of the Agile Manifesto and creator of the Heart of Agile at 9:30am EST on February 2 at the Personal Agility Summit as we talk through how the Personal Agility System aligns with the Heart of Agile and how you can apply these simple approaches in your life.

Jim Hannon

Hear from Jim Hannon at 10:00am EST. Jim is the Managing Director at Boston University’s Agile Innovation Lab where they provide programs and resources to foster the community and promote cutting edge Agile principles and practices. Over the past 15 years, Jim has used his expert project management and agile skills to lead a multitude of large, complex, and successful multi-organization projects. Using Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, Jim led seven Agile transformations that transformed more than 500 teams, impacted more than 100 products, and saved companies an estimated $25 to $50 million dollars in increased speed to market and reduced quality issues.

Walter Stulzer

Join Walter Stulzer at 10:45am EST as he shares his experience as an Executive Practitioner of the Personal Agility System. Walter Stulzer is the Executive director of Futureworks, a creative consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland. Futureworks won recognition at the 2019 World Agility Forum for Best Agile Transformation - Small Companies. Futureworks helps successful clients stay successful by creating fulfilling customer experiences, valuable offerings, a growing number of delighted customers, and a more profitable business.

Tariq EQ Amawi

Hear from Tariq EQ Amawi at 11:00am EST.

Tariq EQ Amawi is the Chief Creative Officer at StarStake, a platform for building decentralized creator economies for both rising stars and mega brands. Tariq’s ability to take complex skills and abstract ideas and break them down into easily understandable, actionable components is what sets him apart from others. Tariq’s ground-breaking coaching methodologies have helped many people change life-long patterns and habits in hours instead of years. Tariq supports business leaders to experience measurable personal and professional results and achieve goals with ease. His talks have been featured in TEDx, The Stockholm School of Economics, and events around the world.

Additional Speakers 

Join our speakers as they talk about success and insights from the Personal Agility System.

Nayomi Handunnetti

Executive Director

Handun Villas

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Pete Blum


Florida Assoc. of Veteran Owned Businesses

Katrina Snow

Operations Manager

Formula Ink

Global Consultancy

Ben Sever

Chief Visionary Officer

Phoenix Portfolio Partners

Jean-Yves Reynaud

Agile Consultant


Michael Longs

PhD Student

Revival Ministries International

Snehal Talati



Thomas Hubbuch


The Unbossing Company

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Training Series

When you join us for the Summit, get the Personal Agility Book, and get access to a series of Special Trainings.

Feb 22, 2023

10am EST

Discover Your Path & Purpose

Our beliefs shape our behaviors which create our results. Uncover how your beliefs shape your behaviors which create your results and discover how the Personal Agility System can help you reach your goals and how you can experience more meaningful desired outcomes and shift into a more supportive, successful, happier and healthier life. Led by Maria Matarelli.

March 1, 2023

10am EST

Empower Your People for Higher Performance

Empower your teams to create groundbreaking results while creating alignment in your organization. Discover how to create the mindset shift necessary to encourage more self organization in your teams while setting the groundwork for higher performance. Led by Maria Matarelli.

March 8, 2023

10am EST

Agility is for Executives

The biggest myth of agility is it offers mostly disadvantages to executives. Not true! Agility represents hope for everybody, especially executives. If you have too many meetings, too much conflict in your organization, or everything moves too slowly, discover the secrets of how agility can make you more effective. Led by Peter Stevens.

Mar 15, 2023

10am EST

Boosting EBIT through Agility

"An agile transformation restructures the company to optimize for speed and value production.” Has your transformation lost sight of why you are doing it? Examine how agility can, should and must improve your bottom line. Led by Peter Stevens.

Mar 22, 2023

10am EST

Accelerating Business Results

Discover how you can embrace the future of work and unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation to accelerate your business results while harnessing the power of Personal Agility combined with emerging technologies and discover the limitless potential of your business. Led by Maria Matarelli.

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